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Organisational Change – Case Study

Delivering hands-on change-management workshops that balance the cognitive learning of flexible working methods with the emotional journey of those impacted for 1000+ leaders in support of an organisational-wide transformation process.

The Challenge

Agility, synergy, empowerment – these were some of the popular corporate buzzwords that were part of our initial briefing from our client, one of the key players in telecommunications worldwide. Coming from a classical top-down culture with perfectly designed processes and clear hierarchical reporting lines, their core business was solid and immensely successful.

Thankfully, however, our client´s new management board could see further than immediate operational success and feared that the organisation (and old behavioural patterns) would run into problems in a much more volatile environment. Instead of passively waiting to see if disruption would come from the outside, and in a bid to prepare the workforce for erratic market changes ahead, our client decided to proactively establish more flexible ways of working across their whole organisation.

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