04.06.2023 15:04:19
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Post-Merger and Acquisition Virtual Change Management Workshop
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Leaders Talk: Develop the Competencies to Thrive in Today’s Business Landscape

Join us for a thought-provoking and insightful event featuring Dr. Gabriela Leiss, Head of Global People Development at the Plansee Group. In this interview, Dr. Leiss will share her firsthand experience with the company’s strategic competence roll-out and how it helped business leaders step outside their comfort zones to develop contemporary learning and leadership approaches.


1st June 2023
from 11:00-11:30am CET / 10:00-10:30am BST

With today’s companies operating in complex and dynamic environments, it’s more important than ever to adopt a customer-focused and outside-in thinking approach, prioritize process orientation, build high-performance teams, embrace agile management, practice servant-leadership through participation and delegation, and develop organisations as learning systems. These buzzwords all fall under the umbrella of “business excellence,” and the Plansee Group has translated this concept into strategic competences that can be learned and applied through a unique business simulation.

Join us to learn practical and valuable takeaways from this innovative approach to leadership development. Dr. Leiss will reveal insights and learnings from the Plansee Group’s business simulation that unfroze collective and individual patterns of thinking and acting. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of contemporary leadership approaches and how they can drive success in today’s complex business environment.

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