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Past events

Leaders Talk: Unlocking the Secrets of “Good to Great” Leadership with Francesco Canetta, Programme Execution Manager, Jungheinrich AG.

Responsible for the leadership development programmes: ‘Step Beyond’ and its successor programme ‘Step Beyond – Do it’. Francesco shared how Jungheinrich’s sales region took their leadership development approach from good to great, from learning and knowing to applying and doing.

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Leaders Talk Webinar: The Power of Corporate Venture Building for Business Innovation

Dr Marcus Gottschalk was joined by Rob Kerner, interim CEO/COO for tech scale-ups and consultant for corporate venture building. Rob shared his practical insights on CVB, drawing from his extensive experience working with companies pursuing this strategy. Watch the recording to gain valuable takeaways whether you’re leading a company pursuing CVB or part of a corporate venture yourself. Watch now >

Leaders Talk Webinar – Develop the Competencies to Thrive in Today’s Business Landscape

Dr. Marcus Gottschalk was joined by Dr. Gabriela Leiss, Head of Global People Development at the Plansee Group. In this interview, Dr. Leiss shares her first-hand experience with the company’s strategic competency roll-out and how it helped their business leaders step outside their comfort zones to develop contemporary learning and leadership approaches…. Watch recording >

Leaders Talk Webinar: Creating a coaching culture for growth

Dr. Marcus Gottschalk was joined by Mrs Anna Aslanova, Senior Expert in Learning and Development and Corporate Coach at Access Holding, to learn how she was creating a culture for growth within the organisation.

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Leaders Talk Webinar: How to successfully attract and select best-fit talent for your organisation

Dr. Marcus Gottschalk, CEO at CLP, was joined by Ms Tanja Gerum, Global Officer, HR Solutions at TÜV Rheinland to share the success TÜV Rheinland are experiencing in attracting and selecting best-fit talent for their organisation.

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Leaders Talk webinar: Exploring the dynamics of change management with the help of gamification

Dr. Marcus Gottschalk, CEO at CLP, was joined by Leif Sorensen, Founder and CEO at Actee, to discuss how the simulation ActeeChange® is transforming how employees, managers and leaders can master change management.

Leaders Talk webinar: Creating a Corporate Metaverse for Learning & Development

Dr. Marcus Gottschalk, CEO at CLP, was joined by Markus Dohm, Executive Vice President for Academy & Life Care at TÜV Rheinland, to discuss his experience in developing a corporate metaverse for learning and development.

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