Mastering Change. Workplace Learning

Mastering Change.

Workplace Learning


Date: Tuesday 24th September 2019
Time: 10:00am CET – 1:00pm CET
Where: Loft – The New Yorker Hotel, Deutz-Mulheimer Str. 204, D-51063 Cologne

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To get a glimpse of what we will cover watch this short video:

Change is everywhere.

Whether this be a shift in culture, change of leadership or even something as small as introducing feedback into the organisation. Ensuring that everyone buys into this change is a challenging task. Workgroups, internal announcements and company meetings can help in communicating this change but how do you get your teams to embrace it?

At this workshop, we will demonstrate how change simulation can be used to not only communicate change but also identify:

  • Who is opposed to change?
  • How can you build trust within the organisation?
  • Who is the ally that can help get others on board?
  • What are powerful initiatives and interventions to move “the change”?

Who should attend?

  • Everyone who is involved in change-activities, as a leader who drives the change or on the receiving end.
  • Everyone, who is responsible for developing people in how to lead and how to take “the change” forward.

This is a half day workshop which will take place in Cologne and will be facilitated by CLP CEO Marcus Gottschalk and Senior Consultant Ian Sturgess.

To get a glimpse of what we will cover watch this short video:



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