05.05.2021 22:42:35

Enable change in one of our virtual classrooms

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Virtual learning off-the-shelf or adjusted to your organisation’s need

Unexpected events, such as COVID-19, require organisations to adapt their focus in a fast-paced environment. Companies’ interest for virtual learning has recently experienced an unprecedented increase.

At CLP we have been running virtual classrooms for more than a decade. We believe in building virtual development experiences that create moments of connection and engagement.  

Like in our face-to-face offerings, we empower leaders and enable Change. Our focus is on making our participants’ experience highly interactive on multiple levels, with the help of innovative technology and tools, such as virtual whiteboards, breakout rooms and other online collaboration tools like Actee, Mural or Miro.

Our unique value proposition lies in relevant, curated content that will resonate now but also empower your team in the long run.

• Virtual format – We design learning interventions customised to your needs 

• Dynamic & interactive – We create “human” virtual learning environments, with the same DNA as our face-to-face programmes and courses 

• Guidance for non-digital natives – We accompany and support leaders in experiencing virtual learning by offering every participant a tech-check prior to any online session.

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What are the advantages of a 100% virtual Leadership Development Programme over face to face?

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