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Making the impossible possible: CLP unveils customised approach to eLearning

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CLP has created a comprehensive programme of eLearning courses designed to appeal to leaders and teams looking for flexibility and adaptability when it comes to their Learning and Development requirements.

Even before the global pandemic focused learning on the virtual environment, CLP understood the challenges facing leaders when it comes to developing themselves and their teams and transferring learning to the workplace.

The remote nature of work over the last 18 months has put even more burdens on providing continued learning and development. But CLP has built on the digital transformation driven by the pandemic to expand their leadership and development programmes to include a wide range of eLearning courses.

Learn more about our approach here.

CLP´s eLearning courses have been designed to be customisable to fit the exact requirements of each individual client, making them fit for and adaptable to the particular learning needs and hybrid working environment of any organisation.

With hybrid teams increasingly becoming the norm, CLP have created a programme of eLearning courses focused on increasing performance, creating higher efficiencies and developing leadership styles.

You can access a version of our ‘Making Hybrid work, work!’ eLearning course here.

eLearning offers leaders and teams greater convenience and accessibility as there is no need to travel to a real-time location and eLearning resources are available from anywhere and at any time. Our customised approach also offers a chance of flexibility in adapting content to the exact needs of the team at any point in time.

Currently one of our most popular courses is our Peer-Group Coaching training. Peer-Group Coaching offers a way to connect peers and others on a deep, trustful and emotional level which is especially relevant in this ´new normal’ world as it can help combat work-from-home burnout, re-create social connection between team members and improve team collaboration and communication immediately. Considering this, we created a customisable virtual Peer-Group Coaching course and an eGuide to provide you with enough information to run and coach your own peer groups.

Click here to access our Peer-Group Coaching eGuide.

To learn more about CLP’s customised approach to eLearning courses, please get in touch.

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