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Mastering Change Exclusive - December 2021

Working from Anywhere – Virtual Workshop

Working & communicating effectively in a virtual world

3.5 hours

What you will learn

Working & communicating effectively in a virtual world

  1. Explore

    your own virtual working meter - reflect on your individual virtual impact and how to communicate effectively in a virtual working world.

  2. Increase

    your own virtual set-up and skills - discover how to deal with virtual challenges and turn the advantages in your favour.

  3. Pick up

    a bag full of tools, tips and tricks on how to make the virtual space your own secret weapon.

  4. Take away

    actions for a virtual working world - build your own action list on how to influence your area of responsibility to become an expert in virtual working.

More information about Working from Anywhere – Virtual Workshop

Virtual work is the golden child of the moment. Video platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams have made it feasible to conduct business as usual while working from home. Zoom stock is up over 100% year-to-date. Slack has seen an uptick in business. The virtues of virtual work are justified. Virtual work can prove to be very effective, sometimes even more so, especially when the full team works from home. But how do you work in such an unconventional environment? It is not as easy as you might think.

In Working from Anywhere you will be able to tune up your ‘‘virtual working meter”. This training will give you practical experience to communicate effectively with virtual and remote teams. We will equip you with the necessary tools and skills to work remotely while increasing your productivity.

Additional details

Working from Anywhere is a human-focused virtual classroom experience that combines the best of modern technology with the uniqueness of interpersonal connection. We challenge the assumptions of working virtually and focus on creating a trustful online environment where we feel safe to share and learn from each other.

This classroom experience works best with a virtual group of up to 12 participants to create opportunities to exchange and to learn from each other. This is a 3 hour virtual classroom experience, where we experiment, reflect and learn together.  Simultaneously, we use online collaboration technologies and communication tools such as Zoom. Working from Anywhere is offered in English, though other languages for in-house trainings, such as German, Spanish, Mandarin etc., are available upon request.

“Working from Anywhere” helps anyone who needs to work from home.
WFA participant, June 2020

Who’s it for

Whether you are a remote leader or an employee that has recently started working from home.


We offer Working from Anywhere as an internal company training for €1,675.00 per session. The price includes a tech-check for all participants.


This training is available as a standardised, off-the-shelf product to help you react quickly and effectively to changing market demands. However, our productised modules such as this can be combined with others and customised to create an effective pathway to achieve your desired results. Learn more about our customised approach, or fill out the form below to request an example offer or to discuss your own specific need and receive a customised offer.

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