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Change Management Consultancy & Support

For Leaders and Organisations: helping to drive change and make it stick!

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What you will achieve

As a result of working with us,

  1. Make it Stick

    We are supporting organisations to make their change stick.

  2. Embrace

    Communication top-down is not enough. Stakeholders have to embrace the change. Emotionally not only cognitively.

  3. Collaborate

    We are collaborating with project leads, stakeholders and external classical consultancies

  4. Trusted Partner

    We are a trusted partner of top leaders and employees in creating learning, facilitating communication, training leadership and initiating and supporting behavioural change.

  5. Shifting the Mood

    We can see in all our supported change projects that the organisation’s mood is changing. From resistance to support. From misunderstanding and individual interpretation to appreciation and comprehension.

More information about our Change Management Consultancy and Support

Often, we are asked to help make organisation’s change stick. Change and transformation projects are analysed, planned and executed. And scarcely communicated top-down. Employees and stakeholders, however, do not only need to understand the change cognitively. They need to buy-in. They need to embrace the change and its consequences emotionally to be able to accept, drive or even support the changes made.

We are working closely and collaboratively with internal project leads, stakeholders and external classical consultancies. Where external consultancies would propose to implement new organisational structures and processes while accompanying their implementation, CLP is a trusted partner of top leaders in creating collaboration and learning, facilitating communication, training leadership and initiating and supporting behavioural change.

Additional details

We love what we do! There is nothing more rewarding than resolving confusion, reversed misleading stories, changed opinions and increased motivation. We are helping at any time various organisations in succeeding their change challenges. Talk to us. We are happy to share and to explore together what would help your leaders, teams and people.

Our change was top-down initiated. Though, it doesn’t have to be a bitter pill to swallow. CLP helped our leaders to say the right things to the right people. CLP introduced a way on how to make change managed rather than swallowed!
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Who’s it for

Leaders and their teams who are dealing with change and transformation.


We are happy to talk you through our approach to sustain your change. We are happy to share our experience: what works and what not!

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Diverse Spirit

We are proud of our German roots, our London presence and our 180+ global educators from over 20 countries

1000+ Top Leaders

Each year we work virtually and face-to-face with over 1,000 leaders worldwide

Customised and standardised

Bespoke, scalable solutions that fit our clients’ strategies and virtual maturity, or choose from a library of standardised solutions that allow you to react quickly and efficiently to changing market demands.

Virtual real life

We make the virtual world reality with exclusive designs comprising modern collaboration and communication tools, online simulations and unique facilitation techniques

Creating connections that matter

Supported by long-lasting relations with our HRD counterparts, we create trustful learning environments that maximise transfer and allow sharing and deep exchange among participants

Love of learning

We constantly invent new ways to learn and develop. We are adopting frameworks and technology that set us apart, daring to set learning trends and be state-of-the art