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Core – Leadership Coaching Programme

Coaching skills for leaders

14 hrs, split over 8 weeks

What you will learn

As a result of attending this programme, you will...

  1. Introduction

    how to differentiate coaching from other professions - consider what to learn from other professions and how to put it to use in your coaching approach

  2. Experiential Learning

    the impact of adult learning on coaching - Kolb’s Experiential Learning Model as a tool to use in assisting clients to learn and grow through current workplace experience

  3. Contracting & Building Rapport

    the coaching process and relationships - create a safe, supportive environment that engenders ongoing mutual respect and trust, and encourages colleagues to contribute freely

  4. Active Listening

    what the coachee is saying and not saying- understand the intended meaning and facilitate lucid, unambiguous communication in the workplace

  5. Powerful Questions

    how to ask questions that benefit the coaching relationship as well as enhancing the manager/employee relationship

  6. Performance Coaching

    tools for performance and development coaching. Practicing models that are developed for enhancing performance in the workplace

  7. Skills Practice I & supervision

    Q&A, peer coaching practice. Getting familiar with coaching employees and peers

  8. Skills Practice II & supervision

    This last module facilitates the completion of the adult learning cycle and provides a model for self-directed learning going forward

Coaching skills for leaders

Leadership coaching has become the indispensable development tool for any forward-thinking 21st-century company. Unlike training, which may be solely focused on imparting task relevant skills, coaching is intent on facilitating immediate and long-term – usually holistic – individual development.

While the emphasis is on individual growth, the cumulative effect of a coaching approach on a business unit, department or even a company has in many cases proven to be transformational.

This is why effective leadership coaching offers organisations a win/win solution: done right, it has the power to challenge, enable and stimulate individuals to turn their potential into maximum performance.

At the same time, results-based coaching has been shown to enhance the productivity, the competitiveness and the image of a company.

A suitably empowered Leader-as-Coach would recognise many opportunities to upskill his/her team and also improve performance in the workplace.

This leadership coaching programme was one of the most useful I have attended in the last couple of years. The sessions gave me a clear ideas on how to change my approach in developing my employees.

Who is it for?

Core is for any leader that is in need of help facilitating immediate and long-term individual development, as well as support in applying these skills to the wider department and/or company.

Structure of our leadership coaching programme

This classroom experience works best with a small group of up to 8 participants to create opportunities to exchange and to learn from each other.

The programme will be split across 8 weeks, and for the first 6 weeks you will attend a 1.5hr virtual classroom, followed by a 2 hour session in week 7 and 8. Each participant will gain from one private one-to-one coaching session with the trainer during the programme. It is essential to be able to use two screens in parallel to enjoy the full classroom experience.

One week before you start your training you will receive a code of conduct to read, and a short instruction video on how to use Mural and Zoom. Once entered Mural, you will find a quick game that makes you familiar with this collaboration tools’ functionality. You will also be asked to attend a tech-check to ensure you are competent using the tools.

On the day of your first Core session, we advise that you join the training 20 minutes prior to official starting time. You will meet other participants and start a set-up sequence to optimise your later experience.

Your actual Core experience is 14 hours in total. Please allocate extra time in between the modules for homework and practice. And the experience does not have to stop after 8 weeks. We will give you the opportunity to create a “bond’’ with your learning partner to continue this journey after the workshop has officially finished. And, we would love to hear how you integrated your learning and made a difference


This workshop is available as a ready-made product to help you react quickly and effectively to changing market demands. However, our ready-made courses such as this can be combined with others and customised to create an effective pathway to achieve your desired results or entirely costumised to your organisations’ requirements and needs.

We deliver our virtual courses on several online collaboration platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx and Google Meet, you can select the one that fits best with your team and organisation.

We offer all our courses in English and German, as well as a range of other languages such as Spanish, French, Mandarin etc.

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