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Behavioural Change Virtual Training Course

For leaders and LD specialists who know that nothing changes sustainably unless key behaviours change as well

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What you will learn from our virtual Behavioural Change training course

As a result of this virtual training, you will

  1. Define

    A number of core behaviours that people in your organisation need to adopt to underline that your change initiative is sustainable

  2. Discover

    Voluntary members from all levels of your organisation to role model the selected behaviours in their daily business.

  3. Create

    Informal bottom-up networks networks that support, maintain and accelerate your change.

  4. Accelerate

    The spread of memorable behaviours that can be shared and repeated.

  5. Develop

    Leaders in parallel to foster core behaviours, support their teams and shift the culture in the required direction.

Our Behavioural Change virtual course

Behavioural change – our bottom-up virtual change management course – uses the powerful mechanisms of social copying of defined core behaviours to create ‘cultural’ change from the heart of an organisation. Put simply, culture is the sum of all the behaviours that we can see leaders and employees doing and saying on a day-to-day basis. CLP consults and coaches change teams to autonomously lead their own cultural change in the medium-term.

We have been running virtual courses for more than a decade using highly interactive virtual learning experiences that create connection and engagement between learners. We use this approach to collaborate with change teams, develop leaders and to onboard voluntary members from all levels of the organisation.

With the use of innovative technologies such as virtual whiteboards, breakout rooms and other online collaboration tools such as Mural or Miro, our course empowers teams to create and drive sustainable change themselves.

Virtual Behavioural Change is based on three phases:

  1. Discovery – we focus on identifying core behaviours that are required within an organisation, on developing the goals and vision of the initiative with sponsors, and on identifying who will be involved in the behavioural change team and how other stakeholders in the formal and informal networks can be engaged.
  2. Development & Engagement – we identify who will be willing to affect change at behavioural level at all levels in the organisation through anonymous peer-to-peer nomination and informal networking. We train these volunteers in how to role model the change behaviours and pro-actively connect with others around this change initiative on a daily basis.
  3. Sustainability – once informal networks are running and being supported by selective leadership activities , CLP focuses with the core change team on identifying and understanding how to maintain momentum in the medium term and how to iterate any adaptations to the change initiative so that the core change team is able to work autonomously
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead, American cultural anthropologist

Who’s it for

HR and LD specialists, Change & OD professionals and leaders within organisations who want to create a sustainable change movement from the heart of the organisation.


Behavioural Change consultancy & coaching approach goes hand-in-hand with formal top-down change. They both have the same objectives and nurture each other. Please speak to us about how behaviours can be changed so that your change story will live on within your organisation.


This is not an off-the-shelf training course and requires customisation to your company’s business situation, learning needs, strategic objectives and available resources. If your company is in need of long-term cultural change and transformation, contact us to discuss how a bottom-up approach can change the cultural behaviour of your organisation.

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