Bite size – why do we need to harness the power of deliberate practice?

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Welcome to Bite Size – our bi-monthly blog where we explore a topic in bite size form – short, sharp and easy to digest

What is deliberate practice?

Deliberate practice occurs when you choose to breakdown your expertise into a series of smaller, attainable practices.

In his recent book, Peak: Secrets of the New Science of Expertise, K. Anders Ericsson explains that we all have seeds of excellence within us—it’s just a question of nurturing them via deliberate practice.

If you engage in deliberate practice your aim is to focus on structured activities that will improve your performance in a specific area. This is why it is such a useful and productive behaviour to nurture at work.

But, be aware, being successful at practicing deliberate practice is hard and it can take time. So, how do you keep going?

Successful practitioners have generally developed various habits that help them keep going. If you want to improve, be prepared to devote about an hour each day so that you give it your full attention.

Remember you are pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. Maintain your focus; support yourself with enough sleep and stay healthy.

Believe that you can succeed. In order to push yourself when you really don’t feel like it, you must believe that you can improve. And hopefully, over time you will see the benefits of becoming an expert in deliberate practice.

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