21.01.2021 15:17:55

Bitesize – Humans are incapable of Change… ?

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Welcome to Bite Size – our bi-monthly blog where we explore a topic in bite size form – short, sharp and easy to digest

Humans are incapable of change… Tell me what you did today, and I will tell you what you will do tomorrow.  

This seems like a bold statement, yet we can tell you where you’ll be in a decade: that’s only because the subtle behaviours in your daily routine and whether or not you stick to them are the building blocks of your future life.

This is the same with the words you use. Your choice of language is signposting to others where you will be because that is what your words are telling about you.

Your character is your ‘fate’ and your life grows to reflect precisely what is happening in your head.

If you relate this to the job you currently do, and the quality of relationships you are engaged in, you will also be able to see the signals you are sending out.

Write down exactly what you did today. How did you speak to your colleagues, clients and direct reports? What does your working routine look like? Do you tend to procrastinate? Do you jump ahead? Can you see a pattern?

The only way of changing your behaviour, your thought processes and the language you use is by identifying what, who and how you currently are. Once you have done that, only then, can Change happen.

Because at CLP, we do not believe humans are incapable of Change, they just need self-awareness to do it, and this is what we promote in our programmes and trainings.

The CLP team.

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