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Bitesize – Does remote-first learning work?

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Welcome to Bite Size – our bi-monthly blog where we explore a topic in bite size form – short, sharp and easy to digest

Our virtual classrooms have supported leaders for more than a decade. We have always believed in building virtual development experiences that create connection and engagement.

Pre-pandemic we offered a mixture of face to face and online learning programmes but, with the restrictions lockdown placed on all of us, our programmes shifted rapidly to Virtual Learning only.

In the last few months our virtual classroom experiences have covered a wide variety of topics including Mastering Change, Remote First, Biased, Prime Time and Core.

All of the courses have been designed to empower leaders, enable Change and support HR teams in rebuilding their learning roadmaps.

But the distinct change in the last six months is that all of these courses were delivered remotely, in our virtual classrooms.

The challenge this presented, especially when some participants were only used to face to face training, sharpened our focus on making our participants’ experience highly interactive on multiple levels. We have used innovative technology and tools, such as virtual whiteboards, breakout rooms and other online collaboration tools like Mural or Miro.

Your feedback has been invaluable:

“I liked the usage of new technologies like Zoom and Mural. These and other Tools have to be available in the future for us to work more efficient from home Office.”

“Fantastic experience:  new tools like Zoom and Mural, the perfect organisation incl. Pam as a technical support directly in the call, the breakout rooms for discussions and I met interesting new colleagues.”

But it’s not all about the technology as our unique value proposition lies in relevant, curated content that resonates now but also empowers participants and their teams in the long run.

Unexpected events, such as COVID-19, require organisations to adapt their focus and react to change quickly. Lockdown and the restrictions it placed on us have meant companies’ interest for virtual learning has recently experienced an unprecedented increase. However, listening to the feedback from clients, available solutions in the L&D industry haven’t been as well rounded as they should be.

And that’s where our strength lies.

We match the right technology with robust and dynamic content to produce learning programmes that deliver.

Feedback from our courses certainly supports this:

“Innovative, forward thinking, practical.”

“There were people from 7 different countries and from several continents in the course and it worked great! This shows what potential we have in virtual collaboration.”

“Great, state of the art, refreshing.”

So, if you are looking for Development Programmes that are customised, engaging and effective whilst also being delivered remotely, please contact us for further details. Also, we would be more than happy to hear YOUR experience of virtual learning over the last few months! Reach out to us or leave us a comment on LinkedIn if you’d like to share your thoughts.

The CLP Team

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