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Bitesize – BIASED a Bias Busting Workshop

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Welcome to Bite Size – our bi-monthly blog where we explore a topic in bite size form – short, sharp and easy to digest

The power of diversity is the new future for business. It brings strength to an organisation and it is important to tackle unconscious bias in recruitment and promotion.

Bias is a natural inclination of our minds and neuroscience shows that up to 99% of our thoughts can be unconscious. While this serves us well in routine situations, bias can also lead to false assumptions about ourselves and others that can have a negative impact on our relationships and personal performance.

Tackling bias whether it is conscious or unconscious is a vital step in breaking down barriers and promoting inclusion within the workplace.

That is why we have created BIASED, a virtual classroom experience, because we know that in an increasingly ambiguous, complex and disconnected world we need more than ever to identify our biases and to use tools to mitigate them to be a professional and effective leader.

During the three hour highly interactive and collaborative virtual workshop you will:

  • LEARN how to identify your own biases and those in your organisation
  • PRACTICE using techniques and strategies to mitigate unconscious bias
  • ENGAGE with others and learn from their experience and perspectives

The workshop will have a limited size of six to ensure personalisation and will be an engaging and interactive learning experience. You will be given tools and techniques you can apply immediately to your work situation.

BIASED is initially offered in English, though other languages, such as German, Spanish, Mandarin etc., are available upon request.

The best way to understand unconscious bias is to experience it for yourself. So, before the training you will receive a simple, 10 question bias busting quiz. The quiz will demonstrate how biases can impact our ability to solve simple problems and make reliable guesses.

During the workshop you will be ready to take part actively, share your experiences and support other participants. You will learn about the neuroscience behind bias and explore three common biases and how they impact workplace skills such as decision making, collaboration and problem solving. You will also learn about tools and techniques to mitigate these biases. Finally you will plan how to apply what you have learnt to your own context.

To support and consolidate your learning after the workshop you will receive two post-training resources: a key reading list on the topic of bias and a handy infographic summarising the training which you can pin up by your desk to help you internalise what you have learnt.

The next BIASED workshop is on 25th Aug. 2020, 09:30 – 12:30 CET. Grab your ticket here.

If you are interested in learning more please click here for further information.

The CLP Team

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