Bite size – Introducing our virtual training programmes

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Welcome to Bite Size – our bi-monthly blog where we explore a topic in bite size form – short, sharp and easy to digest

We have always offered virtual training but, with our face to face training on hold during the current lockdown, we have noticed an increased interest in our virtual courses.

Offering virtual learning courses to your teams is a good way to keep morale high as employees get used to a change in working circumstances.

Our online courses are designed to include three to four minutes per topic interspersed with ‘reflection time’ and exercises for individuals and teams. They are organised into ‘toolbox’ style practical guides and are all focused on different aspects of leadership.

Here is an example of what to expect with our Virtual Leadership training course which is made up of 4 modules:

  • Virtual Basics

In this module we will cover the ‘basics’ of leading in a virtual world – workflow, task delegation and teamwork. We will help you learn more about your personal online presence and assist you in finding your best communication style for leading virtually and inspiring trust in your team members.

  • Online Facilitation Toolbox

On completion of this module you will be competent in running and facilitating various types of online meetings (informational meetings, daily reviews, retrospectives, workshops etc.) having covered everything from the software to the soft skills.

  •  Leading Individuals Virtually

This module focuses on the people you work with on a day-to-day basis covering topics such as clarifying tasks, building relations and staying in contact, holding different types of conversations (motivational, evaluative, critical, conflictive), setting personal and professional goals, and celebrating success virtually.

  • Leading Teams Virtually

In this module you will build on your ‘human skills’ in order to achieve best performance from your virtual team. We will examine team building, fostering trust, making the most of diversity, and common goal orientation all within an online culture.

After following our Virtual Leadership e-learning course, you will be able to lead in a virtual context using your most effective communication skills, be familiar with common leadership situations and be able to use virtual technologies easily.

If you are interested in learning more about our courses please click here for further information.

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