Bite size – CLP in one word

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Welcome to Bite Size – our bi-monthly blog where we explore a topic in bite size form – short, sharp and easy to digest

At CLP we are proud to work with over 200 senior educators to help deliver our core services of transformative growth, leadership development and change solutions. This team is a diverse group which enables them to offer unique perspectives and highly customised programmes.

The unique view of each collaborator is one of the pillars that make CLP what it is. That’s why we decided to conduct an experiment. We asked them, as the group that is closest to our business, value system and vision, what they thought of us and what their experience of collaborating with us was like. In essence, we set them a challenge – sum us up in one word.

We liked the results and wanted to share each word, all 16 of them, with you.

Emotionally, they feel we are:

Human, Inclusive, Understanding, Welcoming and Supportive – with the work we do, the way we make people feel is very important

They feel our way of operating is:

Innovative, Challenging, Creative, Collaborative and Open-Minded – we need to challenge our clients when working with them to find lasting change

Our partners perceive us as:

International, People-Orientated, Organised, Personal and Diverse

And finally, the word that struck us the most and proves that we are integral when working together is:


When working with anyone, whether it is with collaborators or clients, we aim to bring everyone into the TEAM, to include them while we help them develop and move forward.

What would your clients, your associates or your team say about you? Go on, ask them the question and then let us know the results. Maybe we could work with you, as part of your team, to create now what you need next.

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