Bite size – can unlearning old habits help with innovation?

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“New ways to think in the face of established practices.”

Peter Hutton

What do we need in today’s world and beyond to help with innovation?

Research suggests that approximately 65% of today’s 12 year olds will go on to do jobs which don’t yet exist. If this is the case, we cannot possibly know what to teach our children and ourselves to ensure we have the right knowledge to go about our daily lives.

Is now the time to start unlearning old habits to help assist with innovation?

It is limiting to be unable to see things beyond what they’ve always been in the past. We need to encourage the process of figuring out if something needs to be unlearned to make room for change.

But how can this be done?

Adopt three frameworks for implementing unlearning: change your mind-set, change your habits and develop trust to learn.
Remember, innovation only thrives when you consider yourself a problem solver and a builder. Shift away from being a ‘passive receiver’ and become an innovator.

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