Bite size – are you scary?

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Does your leadership style scare your employees?

Whatever your style it will impact on your business performance.

According to a study in 2018, managing employees with pressure tactics resulted in more than a 90% increase in the predicted turnover of employees, while using more inspirational tactics was related to roughly a 68% decrease in likely turnover.

But, if your employees are too scared to tell you, how will you know whether your leadership style inspires fear?

Firstly, listen to the way you talk to them. Is this the way you would talk to a customer or peer? Also observe their behaviour when you’re around. Do they withdraw and fail to make eye contact? If so, then it’s time to address your leadership style.

Are you projecting your own fear onto them? How are you feeling about your workload, deadlines and objectives? If you are scared, then it’s likely you are potentially passing these feelings on.

Make a shift in the way you do things. Don’t correct but, instead, connect. Replace your dialogue with something that is more meaningful and create a shared definition of success that the whole team believe in (you included).

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Become more emotionally accessible and show your human side. It won’t be an indication of weakness but will prove to your team that you are approachable. Let them prove you wrong. And finally, remember that likability will help you be a more successful leader.

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