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Bite size – are you afraid of failure?

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Welcome to Bite Size – our bi-monthly blog where we explore a topic in bite size form – short, sharp and easy to digest
Do you hate to fail?

You’re not alone but for some it presents such an overwhelming psychological threat their motivation to avoid failure at all costs exceeds their motivation to succeed.

In business such a fear can cause, especially within leaders, them to unconsciously sabotage their chances of success for themselves and the teams they lead.

This negative behaviour can create a leadership style that is limiting in its beliefs – being shrouded in disappointment, anger, frustration and confusion… or quite simply, toxic.

At CLP we retrain this style of leadership by allowing leaders to own their fear of failure. By bringing it to the surface leaders can start to avoid unconsciously sabotaging themselves and their teams.

We also focus on control. The fear of failure is driven by a lack of control. We brainstorm ways to reframe aspects of their business to make them more in control and bring them back to the positive…or in other words:

“Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely.”

Henry Ford

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