05.07.2022 07:25:43
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What is a tech-check?

A tech-check is an online meeting that is set up prior to your online course. Participants are invited to log in and check they have the basic knowledge of the virtual meeting software and the ability to navigate and use basic functionalities. This improves the experience of the online course and allows people to participate fully and confidently without any technical mishaps.

Why we do a tech-check

The first thing to remember is that poor audio quality or technical difficulties can cause real physical stress to anyone who experiences them. We are not all equal when it comes to tech-savviness, therefore we feel it is fundamental to make sure that everyone using the technology understands how to, and that they can connect properly and effectively.

Our Zoom ‘Tech-Checks’:

  1. Does everyone know how to switch their video on and off? We will explain how to do this, but we will ask that people keep their video on throughout the duration of the session, we realise some people are not so comfortable with this but we request it in order to emulate a traditional face-to-face training as much as possible.
  2. Does everyone know how to mute themselves? We will explain how to do this and ask that participants mute themselves throughout the session unless they are interacting with other participants or the trainer. We will also ask that other apps are closed down during the call to reduce background noise.
  3. Can everyone edit their name? We will explain how to do this and ask that their full name is displayed. This helps the Trainer, Virtual Producer (VP) and other participants to engage, register and follow-up with attendees from the session.
  4. Can everyone receive and send a message using chat? You can send direct messages or broadcast a message to all. We will show you how to do this so that if you have a question, you may ask the trainer directly using the chat function.
  5. Does everyone know how use the ‘raise a hand’ feature? You will be shown how to do this in case the trainer requests you to do this during the session.
  6. Does everyone know how to share their screen and use the white board feature? You will be shown how to do this as it may be necessary for certain exercises/games during your training.
  7. If anyone requires additional help uploading a virtual background we can show them how to do this too.

Even if you consider yourself “digitally savvy” we would still recommend that you join your tech check in order for you and your colleagues to get the most out of your online sessions.