Our approach

Learn – Develop – Challenge

How do we work together:

  1. We strongly believe in co-creation together with our clients. The key objective is often building a new culture and leadership landscape. This can only be achieved, if all activities are aligned with both people’s needs as well as business needs.
  2. In order to guarantee this co-creation and a sustainable exchange with our clients, we suggest always building an internal project team as our counter-part – a dedicated client-microcosm.
  3. As well as the joint design of the process and its activities we strongly believe in developing a balanced partnership over time. One of our key strengths is our ability to create a safe environment where people can open up and share personal stories as well as business challenges.
  4. Working with us can be perceived as challenging, as we constantly give very open and honest feedback about what we observe in the organisation and in people’s behaviours.
  5. We counter-balance the chalIenges by offering support to make development sustainable.
  6. One of our core values centres on producing the highest quality standards of work. In order to ‘prove’ the effectiveness of our work, and our emphasis on achieving results, we recommend implementing measures and milestones such as Pulsecheck, throughout the process.

The co-creation process

CLP the co-creation process

We engage with our clients in a process of inquiry by asking challenging questions. Inquiring in this way involves clients participating in dialogue on the telephone, or in face to face interviews, conversations in small groups or whole organisation group discussions. We do not go into this process with our own agenda of what needs to happen; our evocative inquiry process facilitates the creation of new meaning for leaders and organisational members to create a vision of the future together.

We work with our clients to enhance their awareness and understanding of the real issues they face, helping them to develop a clearer sense of the choices they have and the possibilities open to them. We help them to address the “wicked problems” of organisational life that may have more than one solution and require the mobilization of the collective wisdom from various levels in the organisation. Whatever the size or numbers involved, the process, of encouraging people to be open to the views of others, to defer judgment and often to let go of their preconceived notion of “either/or”, helps our clients to discover new insights into themselves and their organisation.

Our practice involves challenging some of the constraints, such as routine and habitual ways of thinking and working. Our consultancy ‘expertise’ lies in working with the social processes in an organisation rather than imposing pre-formed methods and solutions on the organisation. Managers bring their current concerns and issues to the table. They are listened to, supported and challenged to think about their issue from new perspectives, to pay attention to their own part in the problem and come up with fresh ways of approaching the problem. We use a number of different approaches that enable real and sometimes difficult conversations: action learning, appreciative inquiry, large group meetings, virtual workshops and learning architectures are examples of our methodology.

The process itself can feel challenging, as well as liberating. Sometimes our clients reflect upon what is happening with phrases such as: “It’s naming the elephant in the room”, “Taking the lid off”, “Naming the unsayables before moving forward”. And, they will also describe it as “At last we are getting real”, “We can do something about this and we did”, “No wonder we have been so stuck”. “Now we have reached our desired state”. We partner with our clients to implement the innovative structures and processes to better serve organisational members and customers. And, we measure business and behavioural changes using organisational and personal assessment tools.