Change, Leadership & Partners collaborates with innovative business schools and thought-leaders to support and reflect our world class programmes. Through our ongoing commitment to quality and enhancing our practices globally, we explore and develop new insights for transformational leadership.

Duke Corporate Education, USA, Europe, South Africa and India

Duke Corporate Education is a global learning and development organisation employing valuable, customized learning methods, and highly-skilled educators to help organisations achieve their goals. Duke CE was created in 2000 to provide companies with a learning and development resource combining prominent academics and business experts. Duke CE educate and develop people at all levels through custom leadership programmes. Consistently ranked at the top by the Financial Times and Business Week (2003 – 2015), Duke CE is a not-for-profit support corporation of Duke University.


Qube launched in 1994 as the first Virtual Business School. Qube has grown to become the world’s most engaging virtual learning environment, transforming leaders and organisations through adopting new practices. Empowering participants with the use of advanced tools and techniques,Qube offers the ideal social media platform for corporate learning. With access to professional facilitators, trainers and coaches, the software offers exceptional levels of interaction enabling people from one or more organisations to collaborate and learn as a unit.

The Freiburg Institute

The Freiburg Institute is a young, innovative research and consulting facility. It combines hands-on consulting with scientific evidence in the areas of Leadership Development and Coaching. The central question of the Institute is: What do the best (leaders) do differently? The scientific findings regarding successful behaviours in leadership and coaching are shared via practical training.


Symbolon AG focuses on and enables the development of reflective competence and personality skills in business. Symbolon combines psychology, art and business in an innovative way. It offers a leading global reflection method based on world-famous artworks. The consulting and training company, now based in Liechtenstein, was founded in 1989 by top Executive Coach Christine Kranz and since 1996 has been running as Symbolon AG. Since its establishment it achieves pioneering work in the use of images, symbols and archetypes in personality, team and organizational development. In 2000, the Symbolon-Personality-Profiles were launched and since then over 10’000 potential analyses have been created, and not only for management and executives of international corporations but also for small and medium sized enterprises.