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A virtual classroom to master change

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At CLP we have been running virtual classrooms for more than a decade. Our unique value proposition lies in relevant, curated content that will resonate now but also empower your team in the long run.

Workshop showcase

One of our most popular workshops is – Mastering Change. Even before the global pandemic took hold, we were working with leaders to help them understand the power that comes from being able to anticipate and master change when it occurs.

Why did we create Mastering Change?

We developed Mastering Change as a virtual classroom experience because so many of our clients were pushing through major structural or organisational change but most leaders – at several levels within these organisation – were not equipped to drive sustainable change successfully.

We created Mastering Change with the purpose of:

  • Fostering understanding of how the “soft side” of any major change impacts stakeholders, team members and, ultimately, the customers
  • Providing leaders with the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from their peers
  • Making learning about change a fun experience in a virtual interactive, dynamic virtual environment a virtual environment where real learning happens, as close to business reality as possible.

What’s Involved in a Mastering Change workshop?

In these virtual workshops, we simulate real change scenarios using interactive collaboration and communication tools, so participants discover how to make management and leadership decisions related to successful changes in their own business.

We use online collaboration and communication technologies such as Zoom and the business simulation ActeeChange to engage learners and to bridge the gap between learning and business reality.

Participants visualise their strengths, challenges, blocking points and windows of opportunity and how they impact those around them so they can better understand how their business situation is being affected by their particular change.

The simulation ActeeChange is a learning concept about leading complex change processes in organisations that draws on game elements. It’s the structure in this theory-based training platform that engages people and helps anchor the change in the workplace.

The simulation is a perfect starting point for rich conversations and sharing about real-life change situations and challenges with peer support, where leaders derive and simulate actions and interventions that help them to make impactful decisions at work. They basically can test-run their decisions in a safe environment before going live at work.

We focus on building confidence and trust between learning partners during the workshops that allows leaders to continue their personal learning journey by supporting each other after the workshop has officially finished – meaning that the transfer of real learning into the business is easier.

How CLP’s offering can be customised?

Mastering Change can be run as a stand-alone workshop for a particular leader and his or her team, or it can be combined with a variety of other CLP courses to create a pathway for effective change.

However we customise Mastering Change, the aim remains the same – that leaders continue to drive sustainable successful change in their own organisations in the long term.

What do our workshops offer?

  • A virtual format – we design learning interventions customised to your needs
  • Dynamic & interactive – we create “human” virtual learning environments, with the same DNA as our face-to-face programmes and courses
  • Guidance for non-digital natives – We accompany and support leaders in experiencing virtual learning by offering every participant a tech-check prior to any online session.

If you are looking to make change stick, then start now. Make change the thing you do today.

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