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Speed of Innovation


In 2010, Stryker’s product development was in an unwanted situation. Projects were not on time or budget and faced marketing and customer complaints. CLP was happy to be able to launch a three-year cultural change initiative and a continuous organizational learning process with Stryker. Together, we turned product development around, and today we can be proud of projects that are on time and budget and receiving praise from multiple customers and other stakeholders. The secret of Stryker’s speed for innovation success is transferred into a ‘pulse-check’ that development teams can use autonomously to feel the pulse of the team and project status. This instrument helps Stryker to be responsive to the needs of the project development team and to push for the speed and development success that is mandatory in the healthcare sector.


Product development teams are able to use the essence of a successful change and organizational learning process in form of a ‘pulse-check’.

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