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Promotion -Pro MG1- Leading Global Business

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Promotion -Pro MG1- Leading Global Business


CLP is proud of our partnership with ZF and being chosen as its preferred provider for its two top-leadership development programmes, ProMG1 and ProMG2. ProMG1 is a high-end leadership development programme that addresses top leaders who aim to step up the hierarchical ladder.

At its very core, this leadership development programme is closely aligned with ZF’s strategy to help leaders professionalise their immediate business.

Over the course of a year, the ProMG1 Journey involves face-to-face workshops at relevant international and strategic locations, various virtual seminars, peer group interactions and action learning sets. Accompanied by individual development activities, ProMG1 leaders are offered a variety of learning sources that fits their learning style and instantly helps them run their business.


We empower ProMG1 leaders to deal with multilevel global challenges, efficiency, future growth and innovations and to successfully incorporate ZF’s Strategy 2025 into their leadership actions.

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