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We are proud of our long business relationship with Roche Diagnostics. We were able to sustain Roche in change initiatives, keynotes, team developments and other leadership interventions.

The leadership team of Roche’s GPS organisation sought CLP’s assistance in managing a change intervention, working on functions and helping executedefined leadership tasks. Over24months, CLP accompanied teams and set up a blended method approach to help Roche’s organisational growth as well as individual employee development.

Overall, our change consulting and team development work is highly customized. We aim for a strong relationship with both the team and the leader to build content and the team’s journey together and to encourage open communication in both directions.


Over the course of time and while working together, our interventions helped the Roche team to significantly solve some of its internal and external partnership challenges. Collaboration and commitment, conflict management, open and honest discussions, trust and accountability for results increased. Now when outside or internal threats challenge team behaviour and mindset, the team is able to detect these triggers, question the effects and realign actions and thinking.

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