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Picture of the Future


Siemens understood early that creating its own future is a key discipline. When exploring the future, Siemens strategists and researchers turn trends into visions to shape the business of tomorrow. By identifying trends and theireffects early on and integrating them into its business strategy, Siemens will be able to betterprepare itself for the world of tomorrow.At Siemens, researchprojects revolving around a visionof the future are referred toas Pictures of the Future (PoF).

At the beginning of each PoF project, researchers are prompted to ‘get out of the box’ – out of their Siemens world – to meet and work withspecialists outside the company to identifyimportant trends, to answer the question: What are thedriving forces at work in theeconomy, society, environment,production or technology?

For example, project researchersidentified 480 relevant trendsand bundled them into 15 topic clusters. As part of the PoF process, they then derive hypotheses fromthese trends, taking into account regional differences. The assumptions are discussed again with partners fromother companies, research institutions,and political and non-governmentalorganizations. The first of three process phases results in a consensus scenario of the future.The second phase of the PoF process looks at how these visions influencethe division’s business.

CLP is proud to help Siemens create PoFs and find strategies for its divisions.


Picture of the Future facilitates Siemens’ exploration of the future and strategic directions of divisions.

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