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International Leadership Curriculum


Following SICK’s specific request andbased on the company’s leadership competencies, CLP created for SICK a versatile leadership curriculum. Multiple flexible learning and development programmes serveparticipants’ needs for individual learning, networking among hierarchies, and the need for in-depth knowledge, while contributing to SICK’s 2.0 strategy, future culture and values.

What makes this leadership approach unique is that it is highly customisable toparticipants’ needs. Every kick-off module is composed of two sections: a mandatory section comprised of the leadership competences necessary to pursue the company strategy (networks, digitalization, etc.) and a ‘to fill’ section that purposely is left unplanned and is customised on the spot after compiling information on participants’ expectations and needs. All other leadership initiatives are cross-hierarchical electives that can be chosen on demand.


SICK leaders effectively incorporated SICK’s 2.0 strategy in their leadership actions and now deal more confidently with future business and personal challenges.

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