We build leaders and organisations

CLP is a global, strategic leadership consultancy



We build leaders and organisations.

Helping leaders transform and grow their organisations, their teams and themselves is a key responsibility of Change, Leadership & Partners (CLP).

Driving growth and strategic change in organisations is challenging and often entails overthrowing existing practices and processes, and replacing them with new goals and new ways of doing things.

CLP offers leadership development and change advisory that drive transformation and growth. We help to build leaders who can embrace, drive, accelerate, and promote positive change as well as engage their entire workforce.


What we offer.

Leadership Development

We are specialised in Leadership Development Curricula, Leadership Development Programmes and Customised Leadership Initiatives. 1. Customised ...more

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Design Master Class

Workshop for L&D and HR professionals: designing comprehensive Leadership Development Landscapes and Programmes

Change Solutions

Cultural Change - Learning Journeys - Large-Scale Interventions - Organisational Transformation - Virtual Teams - Group Facilitation At Change, ...more

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Self-autonomous Team Performance Tool (TPT) for increasing speed, quality and collaboration in teams

Leaders & Digitalization

Digitalization in Leadership Development Programmes, Digitalization Consortium, Digitalization Executive Dialogue “Organizations need to fully ...more

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Global Achievments

At Change, Leadership & Partners we are proud of our achievements. We have contributed to the success of global organisations worldwide, optimizing change and leadership initiatives, and facilitating transformation. We develop organisations, leaders and teams throughout Europe, Americas, Africa & Asia.

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Challenging you.

At Change, Leadership & Partners, our team, employees, associates, educators and network represent our values and our beliefs. We inspire and motivate one another in sharing ideals, developing our organisational culture, and embracing change.

Our team comprises of experienced consultants, certified facilitators, specialised educators and coaches with profound leadership experience to executive board level.

We’re international, culturally diverse, and multi-lingual.